A Christmas Story To Touch Your Heart by C. C. Ansardi


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From our new anthology, A Stone Mountain Christmas102decover-0x4_1870x2500-5


C. C. Ansardi

If this keeps up, you’ll be able to build a snow man, Charlie.”

His red curls sparked as he ducked back from the brightness of the window, leaving a smudge from where his face pressed against the glass. Charlie turned and threw me a quick grin. That grin of his could light up a room, and it certainly lit up my heart.

I dreaded the Christmas holidays. Charlie and I were facing them alone. His father was in Afghanistan, his mother on the run from an abusive man, so Charlie and I had only each other. But with the wonderland those tiny flakes promised hope surged from deep within, and I gratefully accepted it.

Snow was rare in the South, but a white Christmas had been predicted by all the weather stations. Folks celebrate snow…

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Haunting Tales of Spirit Lake, our Halloween anthology/ Nan Monroe


Meet Nan Monroe a Gilded Dragonfly author.

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From Haunting Tales of Spirit Lake



Nan Monroe

The night before my parents were killed in a car accident I dreamed of a huge baby buggy smashing through a window of the twentieth floor of a high rise.
I am not, nor have I ever been, a great talker. My custom has always been to observe, listen, and hold my thoughts inside. People call me “unknowable,” and I can’t say they’re wrong. After the accident I hugged my silence more closely than ever, but in a strange moment when I felt my heart would turn inside out if I didn’t speak I told Ethan Chance about my dream. Ethan was my closest friend, because among all the kids my age, seventeen, only he shared my passion for black-and-white movies. Even when I don’t care to talk about my feelings or my views on…

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Treadmill desks–the new way to multi-task and burn calories

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I’m a writer, so I spend many hours a day on the computer. When I heard about treadmill desks, I checked out the prices first. Anyone following my blogs will know that low prices and saving money figures into every major purchase.

During my treadmill desk research I learned the following:

Treadmill desks are expensive. Very expensive. A consumer can easily spend upwards of $2,000 for an elaborate treadmill desk.

Scratch that option. I was looking for a “desk” I could place on my existing Wal-mart treadmill. (Which I love, BTW).

My internet search brought me to Amazon.com. For $39.99, the perfect treadmill desk was available with free shipping, the surf shelf treadmill desk for my laptop or Ipad. It was easy to install on my treadmill and I use it for an hour or two.

I now write, check emails, etc., while walking 1 mile per hour. Sure, it’s…

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“Everything Is Awesome!”


Thanks, Nan, We are proud to have you with us at Gilded Dragonfly books! I love to see the perspective of someone who hasn’t been to hundreds of workshops! Anna D. knows her stuff! I write because the stories are there and my characters give me no peace until I write about them!

Originally posted on Nan Monroe:

“Everything is cool when you’re part of a team,” proclaims that zingy song from The LEGO Movie. In the context of the movie, the song turns out to be ironic, but for me the words ring true, as I’m part of the team of writers at Gilded Dragonfly Books, and we are celebrating the publication of our newest holiday anthology, A Stone Mountain Christmas.

I had a chance to chat with my fellow Gilded Dragonfly writers when I attended my first (as Nan Monroe) meeting of the Georgia Romance Writers on November 15. Here’s a picture of us; my husband Matt, whom my writing comrades have dubbed “Nan’s prince,” took the photo:

Gilded Dragonfly family

Front row L – R: Carol Ansardi, Mary Marvella, Jackie Rod. Back row L – R: Melba Moon, a.k.a. M.J. Flournoy, Nan Monroe, Yasmin Bakhtiari.

You can read our work in Haunting Tales of Spirit…

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Of Alphas and Edinburgh

What a wonderful place for a romance!

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Now you see it. Now you don’t


So much I didn’t know about eclipses!

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acornEvery time I think I’ll be able to finish my thought on acorns, some time-sensitive thing worth mentioning pops up. There are a few of those this week so once again I’m setting the acorns aside. One of these days I’ll surprise you with it. It is truly fascinating and just may fill in a few blanks you’ve always wondered about. There, that’s cryptic enough.  ;)

thIn case you don’t yet know or have yet to read the news, tomorrow’s lunar eclipse is unusual for a few reasons. I thought to blog about it tomorrow.The thing is, were I to inspire you to go watch the eclipse, by the time I posted here it would be over. Hence the topic change today.

So how is it unusual?

First off an eclipse is also a syzygy. Here’s the definition:
an alignment of three celestial objects, as the sun, the earth…

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Guest Author Monday


I can’t waste a good blog! Stop by my blog!

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Please welcome our guest author — Mary Marvella

I always wanted to look good in hats. I seldom get to wear cool ones. Lately I wear too many hats!

DSCN2839When I retired from teaching that teacher hat morphed into the tutoring hat. I wear that hat well, if I do say so myself. I added a writer’s hat, which I rather liked! I turned in the photographer’s wife and assistant hat. That hat offered fun, but the husband and I parted ways. As a writer the hat of promoter fell onto my head. I don’t wear that hat well! So what did I decide to do? I grabbed the hat of Facebook promoter and producer of a monthly event. Kinda funny for a non computer person!

I found an editor hat for my own work and as a freelance editor. Then I agreed to wear the hat of line editor…

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