Of Alphas and Edinburgh


What a wonderful place for a romance!

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Hopefully, you’re not thinking “Oh, no! Not another post about alpha heroes.” (That’s one reason I included Edinburgh in the title. Who can resist Scotland?) Anyway, if you’re tired of alphas, I apologize, but I’m doing a sort of informal survey here. I was emailing with an editor the other day, and she mentioned that the story in question needed an alpha hero, which got me thinking about my definition of an alpha — or maybe just a hero, period.


This is Edinburgh Castle from below. Pretty daunting, isn’t it? It’s also my idea of an alpha hero—built on rock (and usually beautifully built as well). You can’t help but notice him. He’s tough and strong, an impregnable fortress (unless the heroine is laying siege). (Edinburgh Castle was successfully besieged, too, so this isn’t a terrible comparison.)

I’m not saying I don’t like reading about manly men, natural leaders, etc…

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Now you see it. Now you don’t


So much I didn’t know about eclipses!

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acornEvery time I think I’ll be able to finish my thought on acorns, some time-sensitive thing worth mentioning pops up. There are a few of those this week so once again I’m setting the acorns aside. One of these days I’ll surprise you with it. It is truly fascinating and just may fill in a few blanks you’ve always wondered about. There, that’s cryptic enough.  ;)

thIn case you don’t yet know or have yet to read the news, tomorrow’s lunar eclipse is unusual for a few reasons. I thought to blog about it tomorrow.The thing is, were I to inspire you to go watch the eclipse, by the time I posted here it would be over. Hence the topic change today.

So how is it unusual?

First off an eclipse is also a syzygy. Here’s the definition:
an alignment of three celestial objects, as the sun, the earth…

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Guest Author Monday


I can’t waste a good blog! Stop by my blog!

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Please welcome our guest author — Mary Marvella

I always wanted to look good in hats. I seldom get to wear cool ones. Lately I wear too many hats!

DSCN2839When I retired from teaching that teacher hat morphed into the tutoring hat. I wear that hat well, if I do say so myself. I added a writer’s hat, which I rather liked! I turned in the photographer’s wife and assistant hat. That hat offered fun, but the husband and I parted ways. As a writer the hat of promoter fell onto my head. I don’t wear that hat well! So what did I decide to do? I grabbed the hat of Facebook promoter and producer of a monthly event. Kinda funny for a non computer person!

I found an editor hat for my own work and as a freelance editor. Then I agreed to wear the hat of line editor…

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My Three-Year Journey to the 10K Cake Club


This kind of story helps the rest of us keep trying!

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spice-cake-su-1673099-lIf you’ve never heard of the 10K Cake Club, it’s the name given to that elusive group of authors who reach the milestone of selling 10,000 copies of their book(s). Now, given that statistically, most authors will never sell more than a hundred copies (no kidding), reaching this milestone is an amazing feat. But we all know how numbers and milestones are relative, and our own expectations can often derail even the most wonderful achievements.

PJ Sharon here, celebrating with you, my dear friends, my three years as an independently published author. I released my debut novel, HEAVEN is for HEROES in September of 2011. (In celebration, I’m giving away an audiobook copy of HIFH over on my website blog. Stop by and leave a comment to enter and feel free to share the post with friends on FB or Twitter. Contest ends September 30th at midnight. )

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ARTC and I


I am pleased to know Nan/Kelley!

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I’ve been writing for a very long time, but my first big opportunities to make my work known came through the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company. I’ve been performing with and writing for them since 2004, under the name Kelley Swilley and later Kelley S. Ceccato. That summer, ARTC performed the first script I wrote for them, The House Across the Way, at the Tomato Festival in Stone Mountain Park. The script was later revived and performed at DragonCon in 2010.

Since 2004, ARTC has produced and performed seventeen of my scripts. Some of my personal favorites include Nothing-at-All (an embryonic version of my novel Atterwald), Candle Magic (a steampunk retelling of “The Little Match Girl,” soon to be performed at CONjuration in Atlanta this October), The Horseman of the Hollow (a re-imagining of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” performed as part of the “Sleepy Hollow Ride Across…

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Why historical romance?

What got me interested in writing historical romance was reading history – mostly historical novels, some of which were romances and some weren’t. It started out with children’s books, especially those written for older children or young adults. Eagle of the Ninth single

One of my much-loved authors during childhood was Rosemary Sutcliff. Some favorite books by Sutcliff were The Eagle of the Ninth (the movie The Eagle, which came out in 2011, was based on this book), The Silver Branch, and The Lantern Bearers. These stories all take place in Roman Britain. I adore these books. They bring those long ago times to vivid life.

Another favorite children’s book–which I read as an adult–is The Ramsay Scallop by Frances Temple. It takes place in the late 13th century during a pilgrimage, and is about a young betrothed couple getting to know and appreciate one another. It’s a…

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RWA takes my money, then asks if I deserve to exist


I couldn’t have said this better! Many of us will always want some of our books to be published by a “real” publishers.

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A little hyperbole there. Actually, it’s my company’s money and my company’s right to exist, but since I’m a major co-owner of BelleBooks, and, as we know, corporations are now people, it’s me. Once again, BelleBooks is a sponsor for the Romance Writers of America conference (San Antonio, TX, later this month.) We pay thousands of dollars each year for the honor, as do other publishers, large and small.

I’ve realized for a couple of years that the organization is trending away from traditional publishing and toward the self-publishing world; it’s a simple matter of catering to changes in the membership. As a hybrid author myself, a small press publisher, and, really, a self-publishing author since 2000, I applaud the changes in our industry.

Except for the part where a very vocal minority of self-published authors have decided that traditional publishers are greedy demons, that we offer nothing of value…

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