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Why historical romance?

What got me interested in writing historical romance was reading history – mostly historical novels, some of which were romances and some weren’t. It started out with children’s books, especially those written for older children or young adults. Eagle of the Ninth single

One of my much-loved authors during childhood was Rosemary Sutcliff. Some favorite books by Sutcliff were The Eagle of the Ninth (the movie The Eagle, which came out in 2011, was based on this book), The Silver Branch, and The Lantern Bearers. These stories all take place in Roman Britain. I adore these books. They bring those long ago times to vivid life.

Another favorite children’s book–which I read as an adult–is The Ramsay Scallop by Frances Temple. It takes place in the late 13th century during a pilgrimage, and is about a young betrothed couple getting to know and appreciate one another. It’s a…

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RWA takes my money, then asks if I deserve to exist


I couldn’t have said this better! Many of us will always want some of our books to be published by a “real” publishers.

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A little hyperbole there. Actually, it’s my company’s money and my company’s right to exist, but since I’m a major co-owner of BelleBooks, and, as we know, corporations are now people, it’s me. Once again, BelleBooks is a sponsor for the Romance Writers of America conference (San Antonio, TX, later this month.) We pay thousands of dollars each year for the honor, as do other publishers, large and small.

I’ve realized for a couple of years that the organization is trending away from traditional publishing and toward the self-publishing world; it’s a simple matter of catering to changes in the membership. As a hybrid author myself, a small press publisher, and, really, a self-publishing author since 2000, I applaud the changes in our industry.

Except for the part where a very vocal minority of self-published authors have decided that traditional publishers are greedy demons, that we offer nothing of value…

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Nobody Likes a Random Period


I love this and want to steal it! Let me know if you’d prefer I didn’t.

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Punctuation is meaningful! It’s powerful! Punctuation is even exciting! Punctuation, as much as the words you use, can set the tone in your writing!

Exclamation points are, obviously, rampant on the Internet. I admit, I am prone to using them in informal settings. Yet I avoid them assiduously in any form of professional writing; they are more disruptive than enlightening.

I sometimes read sentences punctuated with exclamation points aloud. Try it. Does “I went to the beach today!” make sense if you exclaim it? Unless you live in a desert, have never seen a beach before in your life, and the beach is sitting on the edge of the universe, I would suggest that it does not.

I spend some of my spare time perusing real estate guides (it’s a quirk), and it is clear that some realtors have a passion for the exclamation point. But “Living room with fireplace!”…

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The Pain of Loss of Loved Ones.

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I am a teacher and a writer. Yesterday I attended the funeral of one of my students. She is not the only one I have lost over the years. Several died in car crashes or as the result of them while I still taught. The tragedy of young lives lost made me ache for the young people, their parents, their siblings and other family members, and their friends. For many death was only a concept, but it became a reality. The students who have died recently are adults, some mothers and fathers, and some parents and even grandparents. I will miss knowing they could appear in a local store or on Facebook with great news or funny photos.

In Haunting Refrain
I write about loss for characters over 2 lifetimes.

The church had been filled to overflowing and the service had seemed to last forever. Only the strength of Walter’s big body at her side and his big hand gave her strength to hold onto her daddy’s clammy one. The heat and closeness of so many hot bodies and the odor of sweat mingled with the smell of death threatened to make Sarita lost what little she had eaten this morning. The tall windows had been opened to let in fresh air, but people fanned with hymnal covers and papers. Still there was not enough air.

What difference would all the words make? Mama had survived the war, but succumbed to pneumonia. Everyone had loved mama and wanted to say a few words. She had helped every family in the area at births, nursed the sick, and found help for the needy.
Each eulogy reminded Sarita she would never see her mama again. The neighbors had lost a friend and would mourn her but, damn it, this family had lost its heart.

I know some people at the funeral yesterday felt they had lost their hearts. Not so. The survivors carry love and memories in their hearts.

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Cover Reveal – Kisses Fall! An Opeth Pack Saga novel!


I hope Sascha doesn’t mind my posting this here, but he is my editor and, well…

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KissesFall_MEDHow will Éva and her lover deal with the stranger who brings chaos and passion into their lives?  

Éva thought she had a normal life until a stranger named Álmos shows up with the intent to seduce.  When pressed for information, he claims to be a wolf, traveling to see the sights America has to offer, but her gut tells her something is off.

Every time Éva presses for more information, Álmos gives her what she feels like are only half truths to a bigger picture until it’s revealed that Roman, one of the Nobles, a race of deities trying to keep the wolves from Heaven, attacks her home in an attempt to protect her from the wolf menace.

Every action begets a reaction that only makes things worse as Éva uncovers the truth about her growing love for Álmos, and acceptance of him as part of a triad…

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Baby for Easter! by Noelle Adams


Linda has some lovely guests! Check out this guest and the one before her,

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SBB_ABabyForEaster_Banner (2) You must watch the video!  And read the blurb and excerpt.

BLURB:       Alice Grantham lost her fiancé and her job, so she’s had to come home to Willow Park to live with her parents. To recover some sense of independence and security, she’s cobbled together different part-time jobs, including one as assistant to the pastor of her hometown church. Nothing seems to be going right for her. Even Micah, the pastor’s brother and the first boy she ever loved, is standoffish with her now.

Micah has always been a prodigal son, but now he’s trying to put that lifestyle behind him. Then a five-month-old daughter he never knew existed is dropped on his doorstep, the result of one of his many one-night stands. He needs help from Alice to care for his daughter, but he can’t let himself hope for anything more from her than that. He can’t help but…

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Open Letter to online reviewers


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Image Dear Reader,

I read your review, the one where you gave me one-star and compared the first few chapters of The Lost Testament to an “eighth grade assignment for a short story.”

You’e not alone. Another one-star giver said it was “just bad” and “uninteresting.” Someone else called it “not worth finishing.”

I’m not going to pack up my laptop. My wife isn’t confiscating my belts and shoelaces. Really, I’m okay.

But, there are some things you, as a reviewer, should know.

As a writer, I appreciate the time and effort you spend giving independent writers like me a chance. You could stick to the works of the Big 6 or disregard indie authors altogether. It’s a credit to you that you do otherwise. Thank you for that.

Likewise, if you think my work is crap and you have spent $2.99 of your hard earned cash on me, then, from…

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