Of Alphas and Edinburgh


What a wonderful place for a romance!

Originally posted on Embracing Romance:

Hopefully, you’re not thinking “Oh, no! Not another post about alpha heroes.” (That’s one reason I included Edinburgh in the title. Who can resist Scotland?) Anyway, if you’re tired of alphas, I apologize, but I’m doing a sort of informal survey here. I was emailing with an editor the other day, and she mentioned that the story in question needed an alpha hero, which got me thinking about my definition of an alpha — or maybe just a hero, period.


This is Edinburgh Castle from below. Pretty daunting, isn’t it? It’s also my idea of an alpha hero—built on rock (and usually beautifully built as well). You can’t help but notice him. He’s tough and strong, an impregnable fortress (unless the heroine is laying siege). (Edinburgh Castle was successfully besieged, too, so this isn’t a terrible comparison.)

I’m not saying I don’t like reading about manly men, natural leaders, etc…

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One Response to Of Alphas and Edinburgh

  1. marymarvella says:

    I am not above borrowing a great blog! Thanks Barbara Monajem!

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