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Originally posted on Embracing Romance:
Why historical romance? What got me interested in writing historical romance was reading history – mostly historical novels, some of which were romances and some weren’t. It started out with children’s books, especially those written…

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RWA takes my money, then asks if I deserve to exist

Originally posted on Deborah Smith, Author, Publisher:
A little hyperbole there. Actually, it’s my company’s money and my company’s right to exist, but since I’m a major co-owner of BelleBooks, and, as we know, corporations are now people, it’s me.…

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Nobody Likes a Random Period

Originally posted on Green Ink Proofreading:
Punctuation is meaningful! It’s powerful! Punctuation is even exciting! Punctuation, as much as the words you use, can set the tone in your writing! Exclamation points are, obviously, rampant on the Internet. I admit,…

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The Pain of Loss of Loved Ones.

For more see my post at I am a teacher and a writer. Yesterday I attended the funeral of one of my students. She is not the only one I have lost over the years. Several died in car … Continue reading

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Cover Reveal – Kisses Fall! An Opeth Pack Saga novel!

Originally posted on Erotic Romance by Sascha Illyvich:
How will Éva and her lover deal with the stranger who brings chaos and passion into their lives?   Éva thought she had a normal life until a stranger named Álmos shows…

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Baby for Easter! by Noelle Adams

Originally posted on Linda Nightingale…Wordsmith:
You must watch the video!  And read the blurb and excerpt. BLURB:       Alice Grantham lost her fiancé and her job, so she’s had to come home to Willow Park to live with her parents.…

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Open Letter to online reviewers

Originally posted on Don't Sweat the Technique:
Dear Reader, I read your review, the one where you gave me one-star and compared the first few chapters of The Lost Testament to an “eighth grade assignment for a short story.” You’e…

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