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Of Alphas and Edinburgh

Originally posted on Embracing Romance:
Hopefully, you’re not thinking “Oh, no! Not another post about alpha heroes.” (That’s one reason I included Edinburgh in the title. Who can resist Scotland?) Anyway, if you’re tired of alphas, I apologize, but I’m…

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Now you see it. Now you don’t

Every time I think I’ll be able to finish my thought on acorns, some time-sensitive thing worth mentioning pops up. There are a few of those this week so once again I’m setting the acorns aside. One of these days…

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Guest Author Monday

Originally posted on Leanne Tyler:
Please welcome our guest author — Mary Marvella I always wanted to look good in hats. I seldom get to wear cool ones. Lately I wear too many hats! When I retired from teaching that…

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My Three-Year Journey to the 10K Cake Club

Originally posted on Writing Secrets of 7 Scribes:
If you’ve never heard of the 10K Cake Club, it’s the name given to that elusive group of authors who reach the milestone of selling 10,000 copies of their book(s). Now, given that…

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ARTC and I

Originally posted on Nan Monroe:
I’ve been writing for a very long time, but my first big opportunities to make my work known came through the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company. I’ve been performing with and writing for them since 2004,…

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Originally posted on Embracing Romance:
Why historical romance? What got me interested in writing historical romance was reading history – mostly historical novels, some of which were romances and some weren’t. It started out with children’s books, especially those written…

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RWA takes my money, then asks if I deserve to exist

Originally posted on Deborah Smith, Author, Publisher:
A little hyperbole there. Actually, it’s my company’s money and my company’s right to exist, but since I’m a major co-owner of BelleBooks, and, as we know, corporations are now people, it’s me.…

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