Carousel Déjà Vu Launch and Booksigning!

The editors of Gilded Dragonfly Books are proud to announce the launch of our first publication Carousel Déjà Vu.

Carousel Déjà Vu is an anthology of stories by our editors. 

Yasmin Bakhtiari,   Sarah Hamer,   Nancy Knight, 

Mary Marvella,   Casi McLean,  Melba Moon,

John Robinson,    Jackie Rod,   Pamela Varnado.

All nine author/editors will be there to sign our book.

Please join us for refreshments and a look at our anthology.

February 23, 2013  @ 7 pm

Peerless Bookstore      8465 Holcomb Bridge Road

Alpharetta, GA 30022    770-650-7323

 Jackson Nighttraveller invites you to ride Carousel Déjà Vu at  Dancing Dragon Amusement Park in the North Georgia mountains. Consider this your voucher to ride, if you dare.

  Some places are magical and some are magical for a select few people. Carousel Déjà Vu is such a place. To the ordinary rider, the beautifully restored horses, animals and fantasy creatures are just that—a carnival ride. But to others, those in whom Jackson Nighttraveller senses a need, that same carousel animal transports them in time or dimension to a place where they can change a life . . . or even save a life.

Come to Caraousel Déjà Vu if you dare. Will Jackson Nighttraveller see that need for you to travel back in time? Reach for the brass ring, grasp it . . . and hold on for the ride of your life.


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1 Response to Carousel Déjà Vu Launch and Booksigning!

  1. I’ll be attending. Wouldn’t miss a chance to meet a fellow member of Marketing for Romance Writers! ^_^

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