Carousel Deja Vu is live on Amazon

If you were waiting for the kindle edition of Carousel Deja Vu, the wait is over! A Gilded Dragonfly Books anthology


If you like short stories with paranormal elements, take a ride on our carousel and reach for the brass ring and see where you land.

An earlier excerpt  appears in my blog post at  on the Pink Fuzzy Slipper Writers blog.

See an except below.

Alice hugged herself and wept. As a physician she’d followed through on the lessons she had learned about keeping her emotional distance from her patients. She always cared but tried not take each loss personally. She had succeeded until today, when that carefully constructed wall of protection had broken and left her defenseless with a shredded heart. How could she not have adored the sweet child who had lived in hospitals more than at home? The child who had smiled no matter how bad the pain, even when her single mother had been her only visitor over the years. The child she couldn’t save this afternoon, even after hours in surgery. The heart transplant hadn’t worked.

She fisted her hands, trying to grab control of her emotions. Why wouldn’t Mack answer his cell phone or his office line? He’d said nothing about being in court today. He hadn’t even answered the text she’d sent him. Neither he nor her son or daughter had even remembered today was her birthday.  Maybe her husband had tired of her. If she’d married Bill, would he have ignored her calls? Would he have been here when she needed him? He had been so attentive in high school. Too bad she couldn’t go back in time and change a few things about her life today.

Looks like Alice could use a change  or a ride on our carousel.  If you’d like a ride, pay your $ 6.99 and hop on board!

See my post about Focus at

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