Dr. Alice’s Ride

Checkout the short stories in Carousel Deja Vu.  Dr Alice is having a bad day and she makes a wish just before she takes a ride on Carousel DejaVu. For more information check

Sometimes we need a do-over.

March 1988

What a crazy day!  Alice Everett was late again, as usual. Wishing she had eaten breakfast, she rushed to her locker to grab books for first through fourth periods.  She hung her light jacket inside, then grabbed her ratty, just-in-case sweater, which she always needed in at least two classes.

“Hey, Alice, whatcha doing tomorrow night?”  Bill Major’s deep sexy voice made her insides quiver.

She stared into her locker . Which books did she need to grab? Who could think with Bill standing so close she could smell his minty breath, his woodsy aftershave, and a little sweat and feel his body heat. 

“I haven’t decided yet.” Alice knew she’d be studying tonight and tomorrow night for her biology test. She needed to get another 100 to keep her grade the highest in her class.

Bill’s muscular arm pulled her close as he shut her locker door. He nuzzled her braid aside and brushed warm, wet  lips against her neck. She shivered so hard he had to feel it. “Why don’t you come with me and the guys to the lake tomorrow night? Ed’s bringing a keg in his daddy’s truck.”

How she wished she could join Bill and his friends tomorrow instead of doing the right thing. She always did the right thing, always! “I might just join you.” Her stomach flipped. She had all but agreed to blow off studying to hang out with the coolest guy in the school.  Oh, Lordy! Her wire rim glasses slid down her nose, but she couldn’t push’ em back up.



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2 Responses to Dr. Alice’s Ride

  1. melba says:

    Great excerpt! This is one of my favorite stories in this great anthology!

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