New experiences.

Sorry I have neglected this blog. I’ve been busy, which is no excuse, but it’s the best one I have. In early June I  made my first PowerPoint presentation for my first workshopImage

East Metro Atlanta Christian Writers welcomed me with open arms!  Brave and generous members of EMACW emailed me book beginnings and I showed each author ways I felt her work could be smoother and more likely to draw folks in.  I prepared slides from examples so others could see my comments. I rocked, if I do say so myself!  I plan to blog about some of the concepts I discussed!


My inner teacher took over and I felt at home teaching.Image  

Jackie Rod and Pam Varnado gave me moral support, and I thank them!  Jackie arranged for me to give the workshop and Pam taught me how to do the PowerPoint presentation and rode with me. I have great friends!


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4 Responses to New experiences.

  1. Way to go, Mary. My knees would have been shaking while I presented and you look calm. I do know how to make PowerPoint presentations though. Congratulations.

  2. marymarvella says:

    Thanks for stopping by!
    I could have used your help. Teaching has prepared me to speak in front of groups. My inner teacher took over.

  3. Hi Mary,
    Congratulations! It sounds like you wowed everyone with your presentation.
    I was also impressed by your recent post on Cindy Carroll’s blog, Guelph Write Now.
    Let me know if you are interested in guest blogging about your amazing second act. Contact me at
    Joanne 🙂

  4. marymarvella says:

    Thank you, Joanne! I would love to guest blog for you, but I will also want you to blog for my group blog, Maybe we could link a blog with the Pink Fuzzies and here and do the same with my blog for you.

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