End September with a free ebook!

            Mary enjoyed DragonCon and is gearing up for Moonlight and Magnolias conference.  A writer’s work is never done. (grin) To thank her readers and her friends, she is offering a book free on Amazon.com

Haunting Refrainget-attachment

            If you have never read a book by Mary Marvella, now is your chance to read one FREE! This paranormal romance has ghosts, reincarnation, and more.

            What would you do if you learned you had ghosts in your attic and that you lived before as the wife of the man next door but he doesn’t seem to realize that? Read this one to learn what Sarah did.

            Not just another book about a kick-ass heroine or a hero with super powers. You could be Sarah. You could be in love with William.

http://www.amazon.com/Haunting-Refrain-ebook/dp/B0057033GG/ Haunting Refrain is FREE for today and Monday.

Protective InstinctsProtective_Instincts_Final_LARGE

             Do you like to be a little bit frightened?  You could be Brit, a school teacher and learn someone wants to kill you or Sam, a parent, who is compelled to protect her before he even knows her well.

            In this Romantic Suspense novel you can enjoy steamy sex and meet a formidable villain. You could meet Douglas and never suspect he’s a professional hit man. You might even like him.


Marvella_Cover_The_Gift_72-1Also available:


http://www.amazon.com/THE-GIFT-ebook/dp/B00631OX6W/$.99 /75% off.

A 40 year old woman sheds her old life and gets a chance at a new chance at one.

WhitePorchGreenRockers_6Margo’s Choice


Margo has to face the only man she ever loved when he retires from the Marines.  Her Ex-husband can still push her buttons and can hurt her child who loves him.

Jay wants Margo to stop pretending the youngest daughter is his.

Forever Love cover



 When Sabrina spots the Demon Cat, she knows someone will die. Who will die?

A novella

CBBHPChristmas’s Best Bet, Humble Pie


Three lawyers learn about making open end bets and a lot about Christmas spirit.

A SPECIAL TREAT BY  M. J. Flournoy(A Romantic Ruspense)



Jolie has a voice inside her head she can’t ignore or bad things could happen to children could die. Listening to that voice could get her killed. It does get her kidnapped, but will she escape? Will she want to escape?

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