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Nancy Badger Rocks!

I won!  Thanks, Nancy Badger!  Last night I opened my front door to snap a few  I am sooo gonna use this! What a clever idea the WorkFILE portable organizer is! I love red. I can’t wait to dig into … Continue reading

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Cold and snow and photos!

Can you believe it? MORE cold and now SNOW in Georgia! It’s cold and the roads are a mess! The photos are new, the story isn’t. Northerners comment on how badly we have handled this snow and others. Some have … Continue reading

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Too Cold for Southern Blood and Jessica Trapp.

This morning I was happy-dancing because we expected tempts to make it to 40 degrees. What’s wrong with this picture, other than the visual of me dancing? (Hey, I was clothed!) Dancing stopped when I went to empty water from … Continue reading

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Difficult Holiday Memories/ James Claude Overby

So many folks have difficult times during the Christmas season.          I remember one of the most stressful years when I barely decorated and my shopping was spasmodic. Daddy had heart by-pass surgery in November of that year. Complications put him … Continue reading

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