Too Cold for Southern Blood and Jessica Trapp.

This morning I was happy-dancing because we expected tempts to make it to 40 degrees. What’s wrong with this picture, other than the visual of me dancing? (Hey, I was clothed!)

Dancing stopped when I went to empty water from my outside planter containers. It was frozen solid at 3 P.M.! Since I live in Georgia, near Atlanta, that doesn’t seem like a reason to celebrate. BUT at least the low tonight will be above the teens. Oh, joy!

Jessica Trapp, one of my favorite historical authors visited me at

Could you, would you head over there and comment after you comment here?

Lady Ariana of Rosebriar is a woman with a past. She killed her abusive husband to protect her son. And now she is being blackmailed. A Lancastrian rebel will reveal her crime – and destroy her life – unless she delivers messages to enemies of the throne. Gabriel of Whitestone is a bounty hunter loyal to the king. To care for his family of seven siblings, he must capture his half-brother’s murderer, the infamous Spy of the Night. Only then can he claim her land for his family – and make her pay for her crimes of murder and treason. Sent to a chapel to steal a scroll of secrets, Ariana falls into Gabriel’s clutches – and it isn’t long before unquenchable desire draws her to him, making her body his willing captive, though her soul can never be tamed. Putting both honour and duty at risk, Gabriel struggles to win the trust of his brave, resourceful, and irresistible prisoner.

But can love keep them together, when murderous forces conspire to tear a country apart?

Now you may go check the cover and blurb on her newer book, Defiant!
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2 Responses to Too Cold for Southern Blood and Jessica Trapp.

  1. I’m a sucker for Historical Romance! It was my first love and continues to hold my heart. Got to have this one.

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