Cold and snow and photos!

Can you believe it? MORE cold and now SNOW in Georgia! It’s cold and the roads are a mess! The photos are new, the story isn’t.


Northerners comment on how badly we have handled this snow and others. Some have NEVER seen such messes as we have on our roads. WELL, guess what! DSCN2930_1327

The only winter I spent in Boston, Mass,  I had to park my Mustang on the side of the road during in the first snow of 1967. The head nun at St Thomas Aquinas Elementary School in Jamaica Plain told everyone to go straight home. It had been snowing for more than an hour and she knew the kids would want to play on the snow on the way home.

I hated driving in the traffic up there even on good weather days. Traffic moved slowly from Jamaica Plain, through towns and then stopped before I reached Watertown.  I sat in my car with the radio on so I would know what was happening, the heater blowing so I wouldn’t freeze, and the windshield wipers working so the snow wouldn’t freeze on the windshield. (No one had told me I would need to gun the engine periodically to keep the battery charged.) I sat in traffic long enough for the battery to die. That made me have walk in high heels shoes (another story) to a pay phone to call my husband so he would know where I was and that I was safe. He put chains on his tires and came for me. After we pushed my car to the side of the road he took me home.I thought I would never get warm again. At that time I wasn’t allowed to wear slacks to teach. Did I mention the shoes?

There was no need to charge my battery and head home then. Traffic was stopped for miles so I couldn’t have left anyway. Intersections were blocked and no one could get through them, since the roads had turned icy. He had to take side roads to get me and to get us home.

According to the news reports, cars littered the highways and expressways and streets all over the state.  And, yes, even then they made fun of Southerners who couldn’t drive with an inch of snow on the ground.  I was driving just fine, white knuckled and praying, but just fine.


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2 Responses to Cold and snow and photos!

  1. Mary, thanks for sharing this story. It’s good to know that other parts of the country have the same problems we do. What people don’t realize is that it isn’t the two inches of snow that caused this mess, it is the sleet that fell first and created a sheet of ice on the roadways. No one without 4 wheel drive or snow chains can drive up hills covered by sheets of ice.

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