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Baby for Easter! by Noelle Adams

Originally posted on Linda Nightingale:
You must watch the video!  And read the blurb and excerpt. BLURB:       Alice Grantham lost her fiancé and her job, so she’s had to come home to Willow Park to live with her parents. To…

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Open Letter to online reviewers

Dear Reader, I read your review, the one where you gave me one-star and compared the first few chapters of The Lost Testament to an “eighth grade assignment for a short story.” You’e not alone. Another one-star giver said it was…

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Coming Soon!

Originally posted on E. Ayers Weblog:
I have another River City book that will be releasing some time in May. I’ve got my cover, but a few friends have mentioned that they want more to the title. That’s actually an…

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Baton Pass Blog — Pass that Baton — Promise not to drop

Originally posted on Linda Nightingale:
There is a term in the movie industry called Baton Pass, which basically means using something in the ending of one scene in the next to tie them together. Here, we are, more or less,…

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Speaking of Blog Hops and Baton Passing

I can’t believe I’m part of this Baton Blog Hop. I tend to shy away from these, but my friend Beverley Bateman twisted my arm. (And she seems like such a nice person.) Bev, a member of Kiss of Death … Continue reading

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