Nobody Likes a Random Period

I love this and want to steal it! Let me know if you’d prefer I didn’t.

Green Ink Proofreading

Punctuation is meaningful! It’s powerful! Punctuation is even exciting! Punctuation, as much as the words you use, can set the tone in your writing!

Exclamation points are, obviously, rampant on the Internet. I admit, I am prone to using them in informal settings. Yet I avoid them assiduously in any form of professional writing; they are more disruptive than enlightening.

I sometimes read sentences punctuated with exclamation points aloud. Try it. Does “I went to the beach today!” make sense if you exclaim it? Unless you live in a desert, have never seen a beach before in your life, and the beach is sitting on the edge of the universe, I would suggest that it does not.

I spend some of my spare time perusing real estate guides (it’s a quirk), and it is clear that some realtors have a passion for the exclamation point. But “Living room with fireplace!”…

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