Guest Author Monday

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Leanne Tyler

Please welcome our guest author — Mary Marvella

I always wanted to look good in hats. I seldom get to wear cool ones. Lately I wear too many hats!

DSCN2839When I retired from teaching that teacher hat morphed into the tutoring hat. I wear that hat well, if I do say so myself. I added a writer’s hat, which I rather liked! I turned in the photographer’s wife and assistant hat. That hat offered fun, but the husband and I parted ways. As a writer the hat of promoter fell onto my head. I don’t wear that hat well! So what did I decide to do? I grabbed the hat of Facebook promoter and producer of a monthly event. Kinda funny for a non computer person!

I found an editor hat for my own work and as a freelance editor. Then I agreed to wear the hat of line editor…

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