Now you see it. Now you don’t

So much I didn’t know about eclipses!

acornEvery time I think I’ll be able to finish my thought on acorns, some time-sensitive thing worth mentioning pops up. There are a few of those this week so once again I’m setting the acorns aside. One of these days I’ll surprise you with it. It is truly fascinating and just may fill in a few blanks you’ve always wondered about. There, that’s cryptic enough.  😉

thIn case you don’t yet know or have yet to read the news, tomorrow’s lunar eclipse is unusual for a few reasons. I thought to blog about it tomorrow.The thing is, were I to inspire you to go watch the eclipse, by the time I posted here it would be over. Hence the topic change today.

So how is it unusual?

First off an eclipse is also a syzygy. Here’s the definition:
an alignment of three celestial objects, as the sun, the earth…

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