Six Simple Tricks to Lose Weight

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It’s Spring, and last Sunday I blogged about the Caveman diet. This week I’m adding six simple tricks to lost weight. Thanks to Men’s Fitness for sharing these ideas.

1. Eat More Protein
Open up those cans of tuna and start eating. Eat eggs for breakfast instead of cereal and toast. Your body works harder to digest protein than carbs, so you’ll burn more calories. And protein is much more filling. A good tip is to eat one gram of protein per body weight pound. And no, I’m not sharing mine. 🙂


2. Drink Green Tea
In a 12 week study, people who drank 4-5 cups of green tea per day lost two pounds more than their non-green peers. Drink a cup before your work-out for an even greater benefit.
Why does this work? A study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that green tea improves insulin sensitivity…

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