Vampires Oh My!

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MorganThe word vampire conjures different images from Bela Lugosi, the most famous Dracula, to Tom Cruise as the Vampire Lestat and the monstrous Nosferatu of the silent film era.  Everyone knows that vampires fear the cross, cannot abide garlic (too much and I can’t either), do not have reflections in mirrors, turn into bats or steam and sleep in a coffin.  Of course, they must be invited in.  Anne Rice’s novels revolutionized the traditional vampire and opened the door to the authors who would create their own vampire mythos.

The vampire legend exists in most cultures around the world, and each is different.  The following is quoted from my GRW Maggie winner, Cardinal Desires.  The heroine, a forensic psychiatrist is telling her supervisor about my research:

“John Keats’ poem, Lamia retells the story of Menippus, ‘Your bride is a serpent, a vampire, an empusa, lamia.’  Like most ancient demons, the…

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