NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling Author!!!

Several of these authors are my friends and awesome writers. You can’t go wrong with this boxed set!

Pink Fuzzy Slippers Authors


M NYT-HusbandForAWeekI am delighted to announce that two days ago I became a New York Times Bestselling Author.

WOOHOO!!! Can you see my big smile? I’m still walking on cloud nine. Dancing is is more like it.

The 20 authors box, SUMMER FIRE, to which I contributed a new novella, HUSBAND FOR A WEEK, landed a #30 on the USA Today Bestsellers list, and #13 on the New York Times Bestsellers list.

It20 cover Amazon took so much effort, so much work, so much stress to reach that point.

In addition to rounding excellent authors, mostly USA Today bestselling authors, and a few who were already New York Times bestselling authors, we went through an amazing amount of promotion: each authors posting about the box on at least 5 blogs, each creating teasers and posting them, preparing tag requests with prizes, Rafflecopters, Facebook events, take over Facebook pages, Twitter party, Facebook…

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1 Response to NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling Author!!!

  1. bethwarstadt says:

    Many congratulations! A well-deserved accolade!

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