Teaser Scene from Cheerleader Dad

Jaycee hung between first and second base. The Saturday game was a close one. Bottom of the seventh inning. Jaycee hadn’t stopped bouncing and cheering for the GALS’ team with Alex and Lily. Jessie ground his teeth. The only way Jaycee would make it past third base would be on a good hit. Would she pout when he tagged her out? He would if he had the chance. They’d always played by the rules. Besides, his sweet child had caught the ball that could have meant a home run for his team, the GUYS. She’d crowed about how the GALS would beat the pants off the GUYS.

Lily moved up to bat. She’d played softball on this park field since the first family reunion when she’d been declared old enough to participate in the games. First, she looked back at the catcher giving signals to the pitcher on the GUYS team. Then she looked from Alex, hovering between second and third base, to Jaycee, inching toward second. It was up to Lily to get both girls moving with a solid hit. Sweat pooled in the valley of her breasts. If they both made it into home, the GALS would be ahead by a run. If she made it in, her run would be gravy.

“St-rike one!” the umpire yelled as the players raced to steal third and second base. Lily shook her head at the girls. “No!” she mouthed. Each poised to steal again. One more out and no one would score this inning.

Thwack! The ball hung in the air when her bat connected. Racing toward first base, she prayed the ball would pass the second baseman. High pitched screams of “Go! Go! Go!” echoed in her head as she prayed. Alex had made it to third and was on her way to home.

Rounding first base, she glanced toward the yells of “Get her!” The second baseman’s throw overshot third base sending Jesse chasing after the ball. Alex headed for home. Shouts of “Al-ex, Al-ex, Al-ex.” were followed by “Ya-hoo!”

Seeing Jaycee headed for third base, Lily prayed he wouldn’t try to outrun her. He did but tripped on a loose shoe string, nose-diving to the ground. He recovered in time to see his daughter leaving for home and tossed the ball.

“Yay!” Lily quivered as she tried to stay put on second base, watching Jaycee head for home and her third score of the game. She jumped high with the shout of “Safe” that sent the GUYS grumbling.

“Please, don’t let that man tag me out,” she begged. The batter at the plate wasn’t a particularly strong hitter. Adrenaline raced through Lily’s veins, while she anticipated her move toward third base and Jesse. When he turned to look at her, paralysis hovered. Reality jarred her to action when she heard the thwack of a hit. “No-o-o!” The ball was GDB_Cheerleader Dad_V1 - Version 2headed across her path. There was no turning back as Jesse snatched the ball and turned to tag her.

Jesse was on automatic as he grabbed up the ball and turned to tag the runner moving his way. For one long, split-second he hesitated. Bouncing breasts held his attention. Where could he touch her? His breath caught for a second before he realized she’d passed him. Damn! Home, he had to throw her out at home.

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