Sweet Sexual Tension

Cheerleader Dad except!

Part of this scene appears here

Lily twisted a golden strand of hair around her finger. He’d like to play with her hair.

When he’d put his arm around her shoulders, he’d nearly forgotten the original reason for the innocent gesture. Even through the soft outfit he’d felt the heat of her skin. If he hadn’t been stunned by his reaction to having her so close, he would probably have pulled her into his arms for a better hug. Not a good idea. Too public.

“Mr. Richmond–” she began.

“Uh,uh. My friends call me Jesse, remember?”

Her brows arched, her mouth quirked to one side. “How do I know I’ll be your friend?”

For a moment he wanted her to be more than his friend. What would she think about that?

“Mr. Richmond, you’ll probably need help getting uniform things together for Jaycee. I’ll be glad to help. You’re welcome to join Alex and me, if you wish.”

“Thanks.” He grinned at what he thought might be a favor as much as a challenge. It wouldn’t be the first time he’d shopped for girl’s stuff. He hoped he would be near his mother or sisters when the time came for bras and such. His mother had already had the talk about feminine stuff with Jaycee. Supplies purchased by Jesse’s older sister occupied their shelf in Jaycee’s bathroom. Embarrassing area of thought for an unmarried man, even one with two sisters and a mother.

Lily wondered if the red staining Jesse’s face and neck had anything to do with the fact that their knees and legs kept touching. Surely he wasn’t embarrassed by the closeness, or was he? Maybe he would have preferred to be in a more adult setting, or with a more sophisticated companion.

He probably had women trailing after him. She’d be willing to bet he knew how to please a woman. He’d know those special places to touch, to… Lily flushed as heat swept her body. She tried to avoid looking at the man who had innocently stirred her fantasies, awakening feelings long buried.

Cheerleader Dad



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2 Responses to Sweet Sexual Tension

  1. Loved this excerpt and the sweetness of the couple on the cover. Well done Mary Marvella!

  2. marymarvella says:

    Coming from you, Tamara LeBlanc, those words age golden!

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