As I Get Older: My MS Story

I have known Elizabeth (Lizzie) since before she married her current wonderful husband. Her life is a lesson in not taking life lying down and s;pitting in the face of the problems life throws at us.

Between the Beats

writers block

Having hit something of a block while finishing up my latest book, I found myself visiting my past. I have had quite an interesting life. In my very early years (those delightfully dark days of teenage-dom) I didn’t anticipate living past twenty-five. That may sound morbid but I was a rather gloomy teen.


There were times during my first violent marriage when I thought I just might be right. After passing the magical, mystical quarter century prediction it occurred to me I should take advantage of the bonus years I had acquired, make like an egg, and beat it. So, with three small children in tow, I ran full tilt into my future.

While attending college full time, working, and raising those three kiddies sans spouse I hit a huge block. The first episode was a loss of sensation down left side of my body from my neck to my…

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2 Responses to As I Get Older: My MS Story

  1. Lizzi Newton says:

    There are so many moments in life to celebrate, it’s a shame to waste time dwelling on the negative or unpleasant occurrences. Neil and I are happy that you were there to help us celebrate one of our happiest moments, our wedding on June 1, 2002. You took some the best photos that day and we still treasure the memories they evoke.

  2. marymarvella says:

    I absolutely agree! I wish my sister had been able to deal with her fibro as well as you have dealt with your challenges!

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