For the Love of Coffee and an Italian Cookie Recipe

The coffee part sounds good, but I don’t drink coffee. I do, however, love cookies! Try this recipe and don’t lick your screen!

Pink Fuzzy Slippers Authors

Nothing is more perfect than that first cup of morning coffee. Or you can enjoy coffee midday for a pick-me-up, or to cap off the evening alongside a sweet Italian cookie.

The following are tips to make a perfect cup of coffee:

First, remember these three facts:

  • Use filtered water: the fewer impurities, the better
  • Regardless of which type of coffee machine, use the correct proportions, which are:
  • two tablespoons of grounds per eight ounces of water. Then adjust to your taste.
  • Use the right grind for your machine: it differs by machine. As a general rule, the more time coffee grounds are in contact with water, the courser the grind should be.

The following are the most popular type of coffee makers:

Automatic Flat-Bottom & Automatic Cone: These are both very similar: water pours through the coffee filter and basket into a pot, and only differ by the shape…

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