Happy Mother’s Day!

Ask nicely and I’ll tell about Mama’s big bad fart in the library where she worked.

Pink Fuzzy Slippers Authors

Today for a chuckle, I’m sharing a post from my favorite writer, a classic Dave Barry post about learning to drive (with his mother.)  Happy reading!


“When I learned to drive a stick shift, it took me a while. My mother taught me, and I can remember the two of us yelling at each other a lot as the car, with me at the controls, would lurch forward two feet, then stall, two feet, stall, two feet, stall, and so on, causing our heads to be flung violently back and forward, back and forward, like human windshield wipers. To travel just one mile that way would have required several weeks and thousands of aspirin.”

Do you have a funny story about spending time with your Mom? Please share your comment below to win a copy of my ebook novella, I Love You More, about international adoption and forever families.



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