Life Is a Process

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20160503_141034 A bud or the beginning of an idea. Flowers, like many of our books, begin small.  We don’t know how they will grow. If we pick them too soon they might not mature.

20160516_134755 Buds become flowers and more buds appear on the same plant. One idea leads to another. Rushing the process can make an idea sour. Some plants need more care than others. Some ideas hit us like a tidal wave and wash over us. Other ideas hit in small waves.

get-attachment This could have been my new author photo, since I no longer wear glasses. However, no glasses meant a squint. A photo in the sun equals a squint!


If you enjoy romantic comedy, check this one!

A sweet contemporary romance reminiscent of Parent Trap movies. Single parents raising eleven year old daughters must try to resist the ploys their children use to push them together as well as…

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  1. marymarvella says:

    I hope you will take a minute to comment and get a free short story.

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