A Pirate Ship in Our Lake?

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Happy October! My trees are finally noticing Halloween is near! They now sport a few colored leaves. Since I am in Georgia the leaves won’t turn much soon, but the weather has finally cooled. Halloween needs chilly weather! It calls for a book with spooky tales.

Haunted Tales of Spirit Lake contains nine stories that will pique your imagination. Imagine living on a lake in the mountains and having a ship appear in it one day.  The authors of our book live near Spirit Lake in the North Georgia Mountains. Each story suggests a different reason for the ship’s appearance. Could the ship bring the pirate to take you away from a boring life? Vivian loves her work as a librarian, but something is missing. Could her obsession with Frenchman’s Creek be the reason a dream lover comes to her?

Excerpt from “Vivian’s Secret Desire” by Mary Marvella

The chilly night air called Vivian awake, drew her with the melody of Claire de Lune floating on the gentle breeze stirring her bedroom curtains.  She raised her head and smiled.

“Come to me, sweet Vivian.”

A man’s deep voice stirred her blood. “I can’t,” she whispered the words to her empty room.  “I dare not.”

“But you must come to me, I need you, my love.” His voice sounded so near she looked around the moonlit room for him.

“I, I …” She rose from her bed and drifted to her window, drawn by him and thoughts of being with him. So much time had passed since she had seen him that she ached with missing him.

“I’m waiting at the dock, please come to me.”

She touched her fingers to her lips, memories of his dream kisses fresh and tender. The breeze whisked his scent of sandalwood across her nose. Turning from the window, she grabbed her silk robe to cover her nightgown that swirled around her ankles. She would go to him! She must go to him. Her heartbeat raced as she descended the stairs, barely touching the cool wood on the way to the main floor. Moonlight flowing through the floor to ceiling windows gave enough light for her to see any obstacles, but there were none.

Still the strains of piano music wrapped around her, even as she opened the back door and raced across the porch and down the steps to her lawn. The dew dampened grass felt good on the bottoms of her feet.  The same wind that blew her long hair behind her cooled her neck.

When the slope of the hill dropped she saw the mast of a ship rising above lake waters. The thrill that rose in her made her shiver, and the sight of the dingy at the dock at the bottom of the hill made her heart stop. He’d come to her as he’d promised, else why would the boat be here. Surely fate played no cruel jest!  Her eyes searched the darkness. She finally spotted his imposing silhouette. He had come to her. Her eyes searched the darkness and she spotted his silhouette. The nearer she came to him, the more handsome he appeared. His midnight black hair hung past his broad shoulders. He grinned at her, showing his white teeth against his tanned skin. Moonlight caught in his white billowing shirt and full sleeves.

“I knew you would come.” He sounded as breathless as she felt, and she had been running.

She wanted to fling herself into his arms, but an invisible wall stopped her.

“Your beauty binds me to you.

“Why are you here now?” Her voice shook in her excitement.

From a reviewer: It’s the season and time for things ghosties and beasties and things that go bump in the night. This is the perfect book for Halloween reading. I loved the ones about the leprechaun and Shyra.

Reviews say it well!!

This book is a rich collection of imaginative and spooky tales about a lake in rural Georgia. Each story is unique, suspenseful, scary, and yet all are interwoven with a hint of southern charm, which compels the reader to continue. These stories are so well written, that I look forward to seeing some of these authors again in the near future. Some of my favorite stories are, “The End of the World Bar” by Carol Ansardi, “A Captain’s Tale” by Georgiana Fields, and “Vivian’s Secret Desire” by Mary Marvella. If you like the supernatural, then this is the book for you!

I wasn’t sure what the book would be like, but was so pleasantly surprised to see it was several stories with some similarities. (setting, certain characters) It was easy reading, and each story was different. All were well written, the last story made me ‘think’ to keep up. I got through the book rather quickly (for me). I thoroughly enjoyed it and would surely recommend it. The timing of it (the month before Halloween) was very fitting. Very glad that I bought this one. 🙂
Comment for a chance to win ebooks by two of the authors on the cover. Winner’s choice!

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6 Responses to A Pirate Ship in Our Lake?

  1. Very interesting and eerie

  2. Very intriguing! Good luck to you and the other authors in the anthology.

  3. Oooh, interesting. Little spooky too. 😀

  4. marymarvella says:

    Thanks, Kayelle! Different stories have different levels of spooky.

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