The Perfect Book To Put You in a Thanksgiving Mood!

Some folks happily go home for Thanksgiving or host their families, excited to see everyone. What if you haven’t gone home for a holiday in years? What if you have gone home but found being with family stressful? Some of the characters in this book love holidays and look forward to them. Others have been estranged and dread going home.

You will love this book with its stories of family, love, and reconciliation. Some stories will surprise you! All will involve you!

One young man has been away in prison. One woman resents her stepmother. Could you forgive your sister for trying to seduce your fiance? Would you allow your EX husband to share Thanksgiving with your family? Go grab this book!

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5 Responses to The Perfect Book To Put You in a Thanksgiving Mood!

  1. This is a great anthology. I especially fell in love with Johnny T. Be sure to get your copy of this Southern feel good book. Yes, you can go home again.

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  3. Rina says:

    Sounds like a good group of books! I’ll check it out on amazon!

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