Teaching for Savvy Authors Next Week!

Teaching online classes is becoming a thing for me. How odd is that?  

I love to teach in person, face-to-face. There is a special satisfaction to be gained from seeing a student’s face and feeling the excitement of comprehension. In today’s world that isn’t always possible. I have been teaching students on Skype. It’s a cool way to make the separation of miles less of an issue. I still catch the excitement of understanding that blooms sometimes! 

I even dipped my toe into teaching through webinars. I’ll do it again soon.I just need to work out the technical parts that have nothing to do with teaching. 

Teaching online seems like a thing I can’t let pass me by, so I taught through two weekend online mini-conferences and two classes classes for RWA online chapters.

Savvy Authors is a bigger deal! To learn more about the group check here. https://savvyauthors.com/blog/.

Starting August 22, I will work on debunking some “rules”, while showing ways we can improve our writing using those “rules” in practical ways.  We will begin with “as clauses”. They aren’t bad as long as we use them the right way and don’t overuse them!

Week 1 will consist of working with “as clauses” so writers can see ways to replace as many as possible.Students will have the opportunity to improve material provided by the instructor and to offer work for us to help them improve.

Week 2 will deal with myths about passive voice and being verbs. The instructor will give rules, explanations, examples, and ways to select the best times to delete or keep passive voice and being verbs.

Week 3 will offer cures for ing verb indigestion.  We will look at issues overuse of those ing verbs can cause.

Week 4 “And, but, and or” independent clauses will rule and fall as we find better conjunctions to use for them.



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