In the Time of Change

Virtual everything!

Remember the Sci-fi, futuristic books and movies that had all learning virtual? Students used computers that presented lessons taught by robots or other AI. Disembodied voices came from nowhere to give commands or request information.  That time might be closer than I had hoped.

Though I resist change, I got sucked in because one of my clients moved away and wanted to be able to take me with her kids. Skype permitted it! The students were home schooled and could have listened to lessons on line. They chose to “take me with them”, instead. I actually learned to enjoy working with them one-on-one. The family moved to Houston, and I went along on my laptop. We could still work on lessons and joke and laugh and get down to business.

The family moved to Canada, and we continued to work together. No passport was required.  Then the boy got into college and, as you might have guessed, I worked with him when he attended college in Dayton and the girl in Canada. The girl and I made it through three years for her to finish high school and go to college in Canada.

Now a nasty virus is making it necessary to teach many students virtually instead of in person. Adults are meeting in groups through Zoom. After being stuck at home with a broken shoulder for 2 months I wanted to get out and hug folks!  But we’re not supposed to hug.  I still can’t meet my local students in person, and few of my networking groups meet in person. My local romance writers group meets on Zoom, and conferences meet virtually!  Romance Writers of America and Dragon Con will have virtual workshops. How crazy is that? No costumes or wild parties? I could still wear costumes, but…

I sneak in a few hugs as long as folks wear masks and don’t kiss. One of these days, I’ll be one hugging glutton!  

These days my laptop is my constant companion! No more chalkboards. No more classrooms for me.

Furniture in empty high school classroom. Author/121044561311561

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