Part 2 of the Up and Down Day!

What happened to the dead battery? To get the significance of this story, check my blog on

Tired but excited after a long and productive day Wednesday evening, despite having my jumped off twice, I backed into my garage. Folks who know me well know I DON’T often back up, so I had to work on that. I figured that would make it easier for someone to start my poor car.

The second I turned off the engine, I tried to restart it. It worked! Ten minutes later I went back out and turned the key. Silence! I had expected that! The battery was indeed dead.

Since I had nowhere to go for 4 days, I didn’t worry about the battery Thursday. However, Friday reminded me that I couldn’t go anywhere if I had an emergency. Hmmm. I sent messages to 2 of my former students, about the costs of batteries and the best place to get one, but neither responded, so I googled and found a place.

No brand names mentioned here. I could save by ordering online. Have you tried to order a car part online? The site even wants to know the color of the car and its parents’ names. Slight exaggeration. I ordered one at a store not far from me and made an appointment to have it installed FREE!

Next I called my insurance company to get roadside assistance again. Did you know you if you don’t have a stinking app, it takes 30 minutes to fill out the request? Maybe not that long, but it seemed like since I kept making mistakes. By the way, I had appointments with editing clients later.

Once I got a jump start an hour later, I checked my phone for directions to get my battery. By the grace of God, I caught that the store location was much farther than the one I had in mind. I had barely pulled out of my garage when 2 lights of death flashed on the dash! LOW tire pressure and LOW gas. Neither light was on Wednesday when I pulled into my garage. I could have asked the Roadside Assistance guy to check the tires, but NOOOO. He was long gone.

Driving like an old little lady, I watched those lights and finally gave in to look for a place to get the tires checked. Easy? NOT! I finally pulled in to a tire store and asked an attendant to check my tires. Smart man told me they were low. I KNEW THAT! He also wanted me to let him check for a nail causing the loss of air. I didn’t have time for that! I was already late for my battery appointment.

Of course, the low fuel light still taunted me, and I could imagine sitting on the side of the expressway with no gas, so I pulled into a gas station/convenience store close by. Can you guess what I did? What are we supposed to do when we gas up our cars? The second I turned off my engine I tried to restart my car. I could pray I didn’t run out of gas. It didn’t matter! The battery was well and truly dead.

Panic made me feel like a mad woman. I paid for gas and asked the clerk if someone in the store could give my battery one last jump start. Of course not! Since my trunk is full of boxes of books, I couldn’t have found my jumper cables if my life has depended on it. Picture a short, elderly woman begging men for a jump start in the sprinkling rain! I was not a pretty sight. Fortunately, a customer offered help and got me on my way.

FINALLY, I MADE IT TO THE BATTERY STORE. I had planned to go get the tires checked, but they weren’t low anymore, sooooo.

That evening I had two client conferences, both of which had rescheduled while I waited for my NEW battery, and made a little money! I admit that wasn’t exciting the way winning a trip is, but I’ll take it!


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2 Responses to Part 2 of the Up and Down Day!

  1. Gerry says:

    Mary, your make this day sound funny but I know that it must have been very aggravating. I hate mechanical issues so much. The only thing worse than a car (lawn mower, boat, etc.) that won’t go is a man who won’t go. The next pet aggravations for me are electronics (internet, cable, cellphones, televisions) Lately my life has been filled with the electronic variety. Have you ever tried to get a HUMAN at any of those places. Every one of has their own form of voice jail (hell) and I have been an inmate in one or the other of them at least daily since mid December. Instant communication is wonderful as long as it is instant. Have a better day tomorrow. Regards. Gerry

  2. marymarvella says:

    Gerry, you are absolutely right! I hit close to panic level several times that day. I knew things would work out, but it didn’t feel that way at the time. When I ask for a human, I don’t need a stinking form that asks what I had for breakfast or how often I urinate. And that was for ordering the battery! Thanks for your comment!

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