My #Teacher’sHat Is Getting Some Use!

Next week I’ll finish an editing class about, well, editing and polishing our manuscripts. It’s about the nitty-gritty of grammar, punctuation, and such! I’m a guest instructor of FF&PRWA, Future, Fantasy, and Paranormal

Saturday I’ll be presenting for the monthly meeting for Georgia Romance Writers of RWA. I’ll discuss creating characters you will love or hate but not forget when you reach The End.

March will be all about characterization, or showing instead of telling. Yep

Getting to Know Your Characters by Showing not Telling

Presented by: Mary Marvella

Dates: TBD

Fee: OIRW Member $25| Non-Member $35

Course description:

Instead of telling about characters, show our readers. What our main characters think, say and do, that’s easy. But how do other characters react to out main ones? How do they treat our main characters?  How else can we show? 

Instructor Bio:

Mary Marvella has been a storyteller for as long as she can remember. The arrival of the book mobile was as exciting as hearing the music of the ice cream truck. As a child of the South, she inherited the storytelling gene from her parents and her grandmamas.

Retired from teaching classic works of the masters, Mary plays let’s pretend with her characters. She has published 10 novels, 1 book on editing, and a collection of Christmas stories.

Mary tutors, and coaches writers when she isn’t working on projects as a freelance editor.  She has always been a grammar geek who loved soaking up new knowledge and reading everything, including labels on cereal boxes.

Georgia raised, she writes stories with a Southern flair.

Mary has taught workshops for Georgia Romance Writers, Northeast Metro Atlanta Christian Writers, Savvy Authors, Hearts through History (RWA) and FF&P (RWA) and The Southern Pen Indie Conference. Mary loves teaching so much she published a book called Weeding of your Manuscript: What Editors Wish You Knew Now on Sale

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