I helped a client write and publish a book about her life. It’s well worth the price and time you need to read it. You’ll enjoy her easy reading style and her message! I LOVE being a writing coach!

There is always hope when you believe in God’s plan.In this book, Sonya King, chef, wife and mother, tells of her journey to regain her health and find relief from her crippling pain to do the job she loved and enjoy her new marriage. After one marriage that failed, Sonya had to start over and raise her two children on her own. She overcame being a homeless teen in Atlanta, Georgia for months and graduated high school, so she knew she could do it again. She regained control of her life by earning her certification as a chef and starting a successful business. Fate stepped in and brought about debilitating pain that nearly robbed her of her hard-won, successful life. She shares her journey to recovery and the knowledge she gained while regaining control of her health and becoming stronger than ever before. This memoir about Chef Sonya’s journey will give you hope that you can overcome life’s roadblocks through faith in God and hard work on your own part, as well as help from her friends. Finding happiness depends on you.
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  1. marymarvella says:

    Can you tell I love what I do?

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