Conflict, Conflict, Conflict! Reposting 12/30/22

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

We make decisions every day. Some decisions are easy. We know what we need to do and why, and we do what we must. Other decisions are not easy to make. Those cause internal conflict.

What if your pet is jealous of your baby? Do you get rid of the pet immediately, or do you search for solutions to help the beloved pet accept your baby, or do you give the pet away?

What if your child is dangerously jealous of your new baby? You can’t favor one child over another one, but babies can’t defend themselves, and parents can’t be with either child all the time.  How much internal conflict can build with the external conflict of jealousy?

Maybe your story characters don’t have this kind of conflict, but they need some small conflicts to keep them interesting and keep readers involved.

Check my workshop schedule and join us!

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2 Responses to Conflict, Conflict, Conflict! Reposting 12/30/22

  1. Freda kalina says:

    I know your workshop will be amazing. I’m so blessed that you helped me with my first book. Now I’m ready to get started on my second book!

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