Author/Standup Comedienne?

I can’t believe I’m going to do a comedy routine! Saturday will be my first attempt to wow an audience with my humor. I can’t decide which jokes to do.

Short jokes? Shall I tell about being the angel on top of a singing Christmas tree? What about me as the person every other kid had to pick up to show strength? NOT MY FAVE GAME UNTIL GRADE 6. REALLY?!

Writer jokes? Jokes about girdles, panty hose, control top panty hose and men who think they are still in shape if they can old their breath for seconds and claim they can still wear the same size they wore 20 years ago?

I’m still working on my routine!

I did manage to edit almost 300 words in 4 days so now I can be free to rehearse my routine, once I decide which one to use!

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