Remember the Days of Driving around and Enjoying Christmas Lights? @MaryMarvella

As a single adult, I don’t head out with the purpose of seeing Christmas lights. HOWEVER, I will stop and take photos when there is legal parking near the lights I really like.

These lights are in Suwanee, GA. Downtown Suwanee is now more than a stop sign on a highway. Our neck of the woods is quickly losing its rural or country look. City Hall is now in a collection of stores, apartments, and condos. I love the convenience of having shops and restaurants, but I don’t love the traffic and less homey look!

I spotted these lights and made a u-turn and pulled into a parking lot to grab this shot! Duluth, Georgia has also lost much of it’s small town look. This parking lot is behind the building that once housed Joan Glancy, Duluth’s only hospital. It’s still there but has been replaced by a huge, mega medical center.

These lights are in a person’s yard! My inner child insisted we stop and take a photo! It was old, but… Down the street are lovely old homes that make up an historical area! I really need to find some places I can safely pull over to take photos!

This is in the old town square which is now a park. I really need to go back and look for more lights. A shopping area across the street replaced the old stores. It’s pretty but sooo commercial!

It’s on sale now!

This collection contains four stories about Christmas and giving. “Christmas’ Best Bet” is about three lawyers who learn about giving. “Matt’s Christmas Angel” tells about friends who find their relationship changing at Christmas time as they follow their version of the twelve days of good deeds. “The Christmas Promise” shows how a woman and her children deal with domestic violence at Christmas. “A Very Bella Thanksgiving” starts at Thanksgiving when a mother takes her small daughter to see her grandparents. The small daughter gets the best Christmas gift ever. Each story is different and each has a positive message.

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