My New Editing Webinar Plans


Editing Made Easy, A Free Webinar

Mary Marvella Edits      Editing Magic Webinar

I’m sure you realize the books you read have likely been edited by several editors. Can you afford to pay several editors? The more you know about editing the better your books will be. I’m not saying you don’t need an editor, but the cleaner your work, the easier your editor’s job will be. As a former language arts teacher and now a tutor, I take the different levels of editing seriously.

Here is your invitation to attend a free webinar on self-editing made easy.

I will share the errors and problem areas I encounter when I am editing for Gilded Dragonfly Books and as a freelance editor and ways to fix those errors. I will show you ways to spot errors in your writing before you send it out.

Sparkle and Spit Polish, Self-editing Magic

Hosted by Mary Marvella Edits

02/07/2017 07:00 PM

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Mary Marvella


Congrats on the new business! Can’t think of anybody better to do this. I have learned so much from you–I have a Master’s degree, but you continue to make me a much better writer than I ever was before. Good luck! When everyone knows you as I do, you’ll be turning people away.

Beth Warstadt


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My New Webinar Plans!


I’m up to my neck in plans for a webinar! Check it out!

The letter I’m sending out,

Editing Made Easy, A Free Webinar

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white_logo_color_backgroundMary has started a Facebook page for her editing business! Mary will continue to edit for Gilded Dragonfly Books and to build her freelance editing business. She plans to offer webinars in self-editing techniques that can help authors get their projects into the best shape possible before submitting them to publishers or contests or publishing their work themselves. Check here and on Facebook for helpful worksheets, handouts, lists, and plans for workshops and webinars by Mary Marvella Edits.


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The Journey to Joy!

This gallery contains 8 photos.

Originally posted on Beth Warstadt:
Joy is to fun what the deep sea is to a puddle. It’s a feeling inside that can hardly be contained. ― Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky Joy! That overwhelming happiness that makes…

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Merry Christmas and a Free Novella


A story to warm your heart for only 99 cents! 

Gilded Dragonfly Books…/dp/B018DZJQ2G

Mary Christmas short story

A woman who has suffered spousal abuse finds the magic of Christmas!


Free with coupon until Jan 14, 2017  GG87F

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Matt’s Christmas Angel by Mary Marvella

Add this to your list of must reads!

Angela Scavone

Mary Marvella is here with her Christmas Story Matt’s Christmas Angel. A Christmas Short Story previously published in A Stone Mountain Christmas Anthology.

A collection of Christmas stories ranging from romance, to fairies and superheroes, to people who need to believe again. Set in Stone Mountain, Georgia, these stories are filled with Southern-style tradition, love and the magic of Christmas.


Sleep captured Gwen in its gentle arms and eased her into her fondest memory. She was three years old and playing in her sandbox, the one mama said had been hers once upon a time. A child she’d never seen walked up to her sandbox and stood, staring at her.
     “You Gwen?” His face puckered up in a frown.
     Gwen nodded slowly. “Uh huh. Who are you?”
     The boy looked bigger than she was and real skinny. His glasses made him look like an owl. He…

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Depression and the Holidays

This is filled with things we need to consider!

Between the Beats

It’s the holiday season. We’ve passed Thanksgiving and now Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s is here. Somewhere in the midst of all that celebrating you suddenly feel as though the bottom dropped out. Shopping, caroling, entertaining, parties; whatever you’re doing and wherever you are, you just feel overwhelmed.  Maybe you realize you’ve spent more than you should have. Perhaps you forgot to invite someone to your party or forgot a party you had said you’d attend. Your in-laws are coming and you need to get the house in order. A dozen things could trigger that sinking sensation. Anxiety and depression during the holidays is more common than you’d expect.

xmas pig moneyHoliday Budgeting

Drinking and eating too much can cause you to feel ill; insomnia, and headaches abound. For some people loneliness may be an issue. Perhaps you can’t be home with family and friends; maybe you’ve recently divorced or had a…

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