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Beth Warstadt

I come from a long line of grudge-holders. With a few remarkable exceptions, my family members have turned blaming others for their unhappiness into a fine art. Which is why something I heard today in the movie “The Light Between Oceans” means more to me than merely another line in another movie.

Rachel Weisz’s character is married to a German man in Australia in the years after World War I. He is not a very popular guy, so in addition to the hardships he faced in Germany during the war, he is treated badly by the people where he lives, including being shunned  by his wife’s family.  She asks him why he is such a happy person in spite of all that he has endured. He answers:

You only have to forgive once. To resent, you have to do it all day, every day, all the time. You have to…

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Growing up Overby in the 1940’s and 50’s

Growing up in the 40’s and 50’s in Augusta, Georgia.

Mama and Daddy at 22Mary Parents RET 0008

When I was a kid Daddy drove a truck for the Augusta Arsenal and Mama was a homemaker. I really don’t remember living at my grandmama’s house, but I do remember staying with her when Mama had my sister, Carolyn. I was 3 ½ and stayed there for several days while Mama spend the usual 3 days in the hospital and then was on bed rest at Grandmama’s house. Mama didn’t have easy pregnancies. She grew up next door to  McKeown’s Florist in Augusta, Georgia. That Florist played a part in my parent’s meeting.

Mama’s sisters gave me plenty of attention while Daddy worked and went to the hospital to see the baby.  I slept with Grandma and the baby slept between Mama and Daddy. That I really do remember. There was a lot of snoring at night!

We had a small house in a neighborhood of houses build for married families of soldiers. That I learned later was a version of the “projects”.

We were a one-car family, which I believe was true of most families at that time. Mama didn’t drive. She loved to tell everyone I liked riding the bus to town and to see Grandma. I do not remember entertaining the other bus passengers, but she declared that I would stand in the front of buses and sing “Jesus Loves Me” and tell stories. We must have made an interesting picture, since she was all of 4’ 10 1/2” and I weighted 30 pounds by the time I started school. I was the smallest one in each class every year.


Mary Sister 8x10 0009

I remember having to watch my little sister while Mama cooked. She would sit me in a kid size rocking chair and put my sister in my lap. Then she’d tie us in, so I wouldn’t drop the baby and she could watch us. I was all of four and that wasn’t my favorite thing to do. I do not remember a playpen or a crib at that time. Check the image of her in my lap. there was 3 1/2 years difference in our ages.

Daddy helped Grandmamma deliver flowers that had to be on people’s doorsteps or at hospitals and churches on Christmas morning. Santa was pretty tired by the time he and Mrs. Clause put our toys under our tree but they were there when we got up. !

More to come!

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Time for a Sale! 99 Cents for 7 Days Only

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Blogging again! Romance Lives Forever. Drew faces Kayelle with honest anwers

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The Perfect Book To Put You in a Thanksgiving Mood!

Some folks happily go home for Thanksgiving or host their families, excited to see everyone. What if you haven’t gone home for a holiday in years? What if you have gone home but found being with family stressful? Some of the characters in this book love holidays and look forward to them. Others have been estranged and dread going home.

You will love this book with its stories of family, love, and reconciliation. Some stories will surprise you! All will involve you!

One young man has been away in prison. One woman resents her stepmother. Could you forgive your sister for trying to seduce your fiance? Would you allow your EX husband to share Thanksgiving with your family? Go grab this book!

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The Cost of Deception: Can You Forgive a Man Who Lies?

Could you forgive a man who deceived you?

In The Cost of Deception Tess has to face such a situation.  She’s a widow with two teens. Can she forgive the man who moves into her house and makes love to her, the man her teens have learned to love, the man who could have put her and her kids in danger?

Drew tells Tess he’s an insurance investigator who had burned out and wants to be a substitute teacher to decide whether he wanted to become a teacher or not. He can’t tell or her he’s an undercover cop whose enemies might come after her family if they find where who he is and where he is. It’s not a likely situation, since he has been careful. But it could happen. For that reason he plans to leave as soon as his job in her town is finished and the drug dealers are in prison.

How can he expect her to forgive him?’


It was late and Drew nursed a glass of watered down whiskey as he stared at his reflection in the mirrored wall behind the bar. He looked like a renegade. The scraggly, black beard and the tinted lenses hid what was on the outside.

Why do bars have so much mirror space? True, he could see what was going on behind him, as well as anyone who approached him. He hoped to see the man who would be his connection in his current investigation. He could also see too much of himself, which wasn’t much help tonight. He couldn’t stop the mental reflections any more than he could the ones in the mirror.

Not since he left home had he worn glasses, except when he needed a disguise. He wasn’t the skinny wimp he’d been in high school or even during his first years at Georgia Tech. Now few men dared tease the muscular man who filled the black tee shirt and stretched the short sleeves rolled a notch over the bulge of his upper arm. The forearm he saw in the mirror looked lethal as veins bulged each time he flexed his hand. Drew was a man to be feared and respected. He’d worked hard to become that man.

The first year in the army was responsible for most of the transformation to the undercover cop who answered to the name Drew. He answered to many aliases. Tonight he answered to Spider, as the sinister tattoo on one forearm would suggest.

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A Pirate Ship in Our Lake?

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Happy October! My trees are finally noticing Halloween is near! They now sport a few colored leaves. Since I am in Georgia the leaves won’t turn much soon, but the weather has finally cooled. Halloween needs chilly weather! It calls for a book with spooky tales.

Haunted Tales of Spirit Lake contains nine stories that will pique your imagination. Imagine living on a lake in the mountains and having a ship appear in it one day.  The authors of our book live near Spirit Lake in the North Georgia Mountains. Each story suggests a different reason for the ship’s appearance. Could the ship bring the pirate to take you away from a boring life? Vivian loves her work as a librarian, but something is missing. Could her obsession with Frenchman’s Creek be the reason a dream lover comes to her?

Excerpt from “Vivian’s Secret Desire” by Mary Marvella

The chilly night air called Vivian awake, drew her with the melody of Claire de Lune floating on the gentle breeze stirring her bedroom curtains.  She raised her head and smiled.

“Come to me, sweet Vivian.”

A man’s deep voice stirred her blood. “I can’t,” she whispered the words to her empty room.  “I dare not.”

“But you must come to me, I need you, my love.” His voice sounded so near she looked around the moonlit room for him.

“I, I …” She rose from her bed and drifted to her window, drawn by him and thoughts of being with him. So much time had passed since she had seen him that she ached with missing him.

“I’m waiting at the dock, please come to me.”

She touched her fingers to her lips, memories of his dream kisses fresh and tender. The breeze whisked his scent of sandalwood across her nose. Turning from the window, she grabbed her silk robe to cover her nightgown that swirled around her ankles. She would go to him! She must go to him. Her heartbeat raced as she descended the stairs, barely touching the cool wood on the way to the main floor. Moonlight flowing through the floor to ceiling windows gave enough light for her to see any obstacles, but there were none.

Still the strains of piano music wrapped around her, even as she opened the back door and raced across the porch and down the steps to her lawn. The dew dampened grass felt good on the bottoms of her feet.  The same wind that blew her long hair behind her cooled her neck.

When the slope of the hill dropped she saw the mast of a ship rising above lake waters. The thrill that rose in her made her shiver, and the sight of the dingy at the dock at the bottom of the hill made her heart stop. He’d come to her as he’d promised, else why would the boat be here. Surely fate played no cruel jest!  Her eyes searched the darkness. She finally spotted his imposing silhouette. He had come to her. Her eyes searched the darkness and she spotted his silhouette. The nearer she came to him, the more handsome he appeared. His midnight black hair hung past his broad shoulders. He grinned at her, showing his white teeth against his tanned skin. Moonlight caught in his white billowing shirt and full sleeves.

“I knew you would come.” He sounded as breathless as she felt, and she had been running.

She wanted to fling herself into his arms, but an invisible wall stopped her.

“Your beauty binds me to you.

“Why are you here now?” Her voice shook in her excitement.

From a reviewer: It’s the season and time for things ghosties and beasties and things that go bump in the night. This is the perfect book for Halloween reading. I loved the ones about the leprechaun and Shyra.

Reviews say it well!!

This book is a rich collection of imaginative and spooky tales about a lake in rural Georgia. Each story is unique, suspenseful, scary, and yet all are interwoven with a hint of southern charm, which compels the reader to continue. These stories are so well written, that I look forward to seeing some of these authors again in the near future. Some of my favorite stories are, “The End of the World Bar” by Carol Ansardi, “A Captain’s Tale” by Georgiana Fields, and “Vivian’s Secret Desire” by Mary Marvella. If you like the supernatural, then this is the book for you!

I wasn’t sure what the book would be like, but was so pleasantly surprised to see it was several stories with some similarities. (setting, certain characters) It was easy reading, and each story was different. All were well written, the last story made me ‘think’ to keep up. I got through the book rather quickly (for me). I thoroughly enjoyed it and would surely recommend it. The timing of it (the month before Halloween) was very fitting. Very glad that I bought this one. 🙂
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