I Don’t Share with Mice!


I can’t waste a good blog by using it only once.

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I really don’t like mice, not even small ones.

I was working just hours ago when a mouse invaded my workspace. I have a comfy rocking chair with a rocking ottoman. My laptop and I love that I can put my feet up when I’m tired and have work to edit or pages to write. I sat down when a fresh glass of tea, prepared to finish edits on Cheerleader Dad to send to my editor. I had put the glass on a table to my right.

Good thing I looked at the drink before I grabbed it. A mouse stared at me as though wondering what new goodie I had brought for us. Who knows what the critter tasted?  I left to grab and bait two traps to put on the table, but the stinker didn’t leave. The traps were small but maybe too heavy duty for the little…

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A fun fashion style challenge


I love old jewelry and blouses I’ve saved from Mama’s closet. I still wear them occasionally and feel like I have something new and something of her. Have you kept old clothes or jewelry you can wear now for fun? Crazy is still okay. I have a light blue denim jacket and an old leather one from my daughter’s closet. She’d never wear them, but I will.

Originally posted on Pink Fuzzy Slippers Authors:

If you’re stuck in a style rut,  sign up for Alison Lumbatis’s  “Get Your Pretty On” style challenge for summer 2015.  Alison offers these style challenges several times a year. For summer, you’ll receive a capsule of different clothes for the challenge as well as 21 days of outfits.


You’ll also become a member of a private Facebook page to connect with other women around the world.

I’ve participated in several of Alison’s fashion challenges and have learned so much about clothes and styling. Alison recommends shopping your closet first, and many of the clothes she suggests are from Old Navy, Target, Loft, etc. So, no need for expensive shopping in this challenge.

For further info, check out this link: (You may need to copy and paste)


She’s also adding the 2014 styling challenge at no additional charge.


So, as Alison would say, “Get your pretty on!”

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NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling Author!!!


Several of these authors are my friends and awesome writers. You can’t go wrong with this boxed set!

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M NYT-HusbandForAWeekI am delighted to announce that two days ago I became a New York Times Bestselling Author.

WOOHOO!!! Can you see my big smile? I’m still walking on cloud nine. Dancing is is more like it.

The 20 authors box, SUMMER FIRE, to which I contributed a new novella, HUSBAND FOR A WEEK, landed a #30 on the USA Today Bestsellers list, and #13 on the New York Times Bestsellers list.

It20 cover Amazon took so much effort, so much work, so much stress to reach that point.

In addition to rounding excellent authors, mostly USA Today bestselling authors, and a few who were already New York Times bestselling authors, we went through an amazing amount of promotion: each authors posting about the box on at least 5 blogs, each creating teasers and posting them, preparing tag requests with prizes, Rafflecopters, Facebook events, take over Facebook pages, Twitter party, Facebook…

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Talk about Nesting and Flowers


I’m spending the weekend with my granddogs so my daughter and her husband could enjoy some time away for their first anniversary. Seeing her flowers and the way she made use of every space makes me smile!

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Mama loved flowers. Both of my grandmothers loved flowers. My Grandma Mary owned a florist. Grandma Overby used coffee cans as planters and had flowers all over her front  porch and on the railing. Mama planted flowers all over her yard and on her front porch. I love flowers but didn’t inherit the green thumb.  Musta skipped a generation!20150522_191503

My daughter inherited that green thumb, maybe because both of her grandmamas had them!


When my daughter started sending me pictures of her flowers I realized her green thumb had matured! When she had a big yard someone else had started, she didn’t bother with her own planting. Now she lives in a townhouse and she takes after my side of the family! Her grandmamas and great grandmamas would be proud!20150522_120527

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Vampires Oh My!

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MorganThe word vampire conjures different images from Bela Lugosi, the most famous Dracula, to Tom Cruise as the Vampire Lestat and the monstrous Nosferatu of the silent film era.  Everyone knows that vampires fear the cross, cannot abide garlic (too much and I can’t either), do not have reflections in mirrors, turn into bats or steam and sleep in a coffin.  Of course, they must be invited in.  Anne Rice’s novels revolutionized the traditional vampire and opened the door to the authors who would create their own vampire mythos.

The vampire legend exists in most cultures around the world, and each is different.  The following is quoted from my GRW Maggie winner, Cardinal Desires.  The heroine, a forensic psychiatrist is telling her supervisor about my research:

“John Keats’ poem, Lamia retells the story of Menippus, ‘Your bride is a serpent, a vampire, an empusa, lamia.’  Like most ancient demons, the…

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3 Historical Arguments Against Mother’s Day


The things we learn from Time!

Originally posted on TIME:

Campaigning against Mother’s Day is a surefire way to sound like a grouch — but that didn’t stop Anna Jarvis.

That’s because if anyone could get away with it, she could. After all, Jarvis invented the whole thing, and then it ballooned far beyond what she had been imagining. As TIME wrote in 1938, it was May of 1907 when Jarvis persuaded a church in her hometown, Philadelphia, to hold a special church service on the anniversary of her mother’s death. The next year the governors of Florida and North Dakota issued special proclamations inspired by the service and it went national in 1914 when President Wilson made one, too. It wasn’t long before businesspeople across the country figured the day could be a great way to sell the nation on flowers, cards and other tokens. Jarvis, the article explained, was not amused:

Anna Jarvis is the 60-year-old Philadelphia spinster…

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The Darling Buds of May


What a lovely words and images!

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_MG_8590A soft spring day in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia is scented with the sweetest blossoms. Many of our best-loved flowers bloom in spring. Perhaps because they come after a long, cold winter, and are nature’s reward. Or God’s. Either way, I thought you might enjoy seeing some images my talented daughter Elise took of our garden(s) recently. I say gardens, plural, because we have many beds. Beyond the yard and gardens, we gaze down to the green meadow surrounding the pond like a gem from the Emerald Isles. And up above the glistening grass and green rye fields, are the wooded hills. Tender new leaves flushed with rose blend in with the many shades of green coloring the trees. Beyond the hills are the Allegheny Mountains. On a clear day, we can see the ridges tinged in green rising in the distance. Spring comes later in the mountains, but…

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