Vampires Oh My!

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MorganThe word vampire conjures different images from Bela Lugosi, the most famous Dracula, to Tom Cruise as the Vampire Lestat and the monstrous Nosferatu of the silent film era.  Everyone knows that vampires fear the cross, cannot abide garlic (too much and I can’t either), do not have reflections in mirrors, turn into bats or steam and sleep in a coffin.  Of course, they must be invited in.  Anne Rice’s novels revolutionized the traditional vampire and opened the door to the authors who would create their own vampire mythos.

The vampire legend exists in most cultures around the world, and each is different.  The following is quoted from my GRW Maggie winner, Cardinal Desires.  The heroine, a forensic psychiatrist is telling her supervisor about my research:

“John Keats’ poem, Lamia retells the story of Menippus, ‘Your bride is a serpent, a vampire, an empusa, lamia.’  Like most ancient demons, the…

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3 Historical Arguments Against Mother’s Day


The things we learn from Time!

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Campaigning against Mother’s Day is a surefire way to sound like a grouch — but that didn’t stop Anna Jarvis.

That’s because if anyone could get away with it, she could. After all, Jarvis invented the whole thing, and then it ballooned far beyond what she had been imagining. As TIME wrote in 1938, it was May of 1907 when Jarvis persuaded a church in her hometown, Philadelphia, to hold a special church service on the anniversary of her mother’s death. The next year the governors of Florida and North Dakota issued special proclamations inspired by the service and it went national in 1914 when President Wilson made one, too. It wasn’t long before businesspeople across the country figured the day could be a great way to sell the nation on flowers, cards and other tokens. Jarvis, the article explained, was not amused:

Anna Jarvis is the 60-year-old Philadelphia spinster…

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The Darling Buds of May


What a lovely words and images!

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_MG_8590A soft spring day in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia is scented with the sweetest blossoms. Many of our best-loved flowers bloom in spring. Perhaps because they come after a long, cold winter, and are nature’s reward. Or God’s. Either way, I thought you might enjoy seeing some images my talented daughter Elise took of our garden(s) recently. I say gardens, plural, because we have many beds. Beyond the yard and gardens, we gaze down to the green meadow surrounding the pond like a gem from the Emerald Isles. And up above the glistening grass and green rye fields, are the wooded hills. Tender new leaves flushed with rose blend in with the many shades of green coloring the trees. Beyond the hills are the Allegheny Mountains. On a clear day, we can see the ridges tinged in green rising in the distance. Spring comes later in the mountains, but…

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Do Small Things Make You Happy.


I’d love to have tons of money and real gardens, but I can be happy without them.

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As a child I needed very little to make me happy. Books, dolls, and trees were good. Having friends made me happy.  Being with family made me happy.

Now tutoring makes me happy. Publishing books for other folks makes me especially happy. Having our latest anthology in the top 100 books in more than one category made me ecstatic!  Check out Finding Love’s Magic on and see if reading good short stories makes you happy!

o20150425_202543. I enjoy the few flowers I have that survive in spite of my neglect! Going back out to tutor!

Check on me at

www.Gilded Dragonfly

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Sgt. Reckless – An Amazing Mare


If you love horses, you’ll love this story!

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Because I’m a horse lover in the first degree, our own Mary Ricksen shared the video link with me, and I was inspired to share these two links about Sgt. Reckless, a sorrel mare who carried ammunition in the Korean War. This horse of Mongolian breeding was honored as one of 100 American Heroes, along with Washington and Lincoln, and promoted by the Marine Corps every time they had a chance to give her tribute for her service in the battlefield.

330px-Reckless_with_Sgt__LathamHer dam was a race horse.  In October 1952, she was purchased for $250 (the video says $350) from a Korean stableboy at the Seoul racetrack. He needed money to buy an artificial leg for his sister. Members of the US Marine Corps bought Reckless and trained to be a pack horse for the Recoilless Rifle Platoon, Anti-Tank Company, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division.

The article…

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Who doesn’t need a few time saving, money saving, cool ideas for anyone!


Here are some practical and inventive ideas to make your life simpler.

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Posted for Mary Ricksen:

I’ll bet there’s one here for any of us!


The simplest way to slice a bunch of cherry tomatoes is to sandwich them between two plastic lids and run a long knife through all of them at once!

Keep brown sugar soft by storing with a couple of marshmallows.100

Install a regular coat rack low down the wall to store shoes safely off the floor.


Create a thrifty watering can by puncturing holes in the top of a used milk bottle.



Remove pet hair from furniture and carpets with a squeegee.


Flip a toaster on its side to make grill cheese.



Water straight from the tap becomes cloudy when frozen.


To make ice cubes crystal clear, allow a kettle of boiled water to cool slightly

and use this to fill your ice cube trays.

Use a large muffin tin to cook stuffed peppers…

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Six Simple Tricks to Lose Weight


This blog contains some excellent ideas!

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It’s Spring, and last Sunday I blogged about the Caveman diet. This week I’m adding six simple tricks to lost weight. Thanks to Men’s Fitness for sharing these ideas.

1. Eat More Protein
Open up those cans of tuna and start eating. Eat eggs for breakfast instead of cereal and toast. Your body works harder to digest protein than carbs, so you’ll burn more calories. And protein is much more filling. A good tip is to eat one gram of protein per body weight pound. And no, I’m not sharing mine. :)


2. Drink Green Tea
In a 12 week study, people who drank 4-5 cups of green tea per day lost two pounds more than their non-green peers. Drink a cup before your work-out for an even greater benefit.
Why does this work? A study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that green tea improves insulin sensitivity…

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