Protecting Melissa, the second in the Protecting Romance Series

Protecting Melissa is now live!

Melissa sees herself as a woman well-rid of a jerk, rather than as a widow. Since she learned the distressing news that her philandering husband swindled her neighbors and friends before an irate husband killed him in bed with his wife, she figures nothing can shock her. Right! She wants a quiet world, a safe world where she can teach and never think about the problems her husband caused.

Gabe has a lot to make up for, since he left his son and wife stateside while he served as a career Marine. In his defense, she had insisted she wanted to stay near her parents instead of traveling all over the world. Time and distance worked their magic, and he and his wife drifted apart, just as he and his son did. The years he nursed her and tried to be a better father weren’t enough to make up for not being there for her when she learned she had cancer.

Of all the things Melissa would have expected, seeing her old crush standing in her classroom door hadn’t made the list. Having him hang around and flirt outrageously would have been wonderful when she trailed around him and her brother. Now it didn’t make her happy.

Gabe’s need to protect his best friend’s baby sister kicks in when they leave a high school basketball game to find someone has slashed the tires on her vintage Mustang. Emails sending photos of her nude or looking way too sexy scare her so much he knows he can’t leave her until he finds who is responsible and who wants to harm her.

Protecting Melissa_nocigar copy

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Celebrate Fall with an Apple Cider cocktail



Originally posted on The Italian Blog:

Celebrate  Fall with a delicious Apple Cider and White Rum cocktail.
Many thanks to Jo Lynne Shane, a fashion blogger, for sharing this cocktail recipe. We appreciate the prep time of 5 minutes!

Serves 2:

4 oz. apple cider 3 oz.
Cinnamon simple syrup (recipe below)
3 oz Applejack
4 Oz. white rum
Diced apples
Cinnamon syrup recipe:
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup plus 1 tbs water
cinnamon stick

Instructions for syrup:
Place sugar, water and half cinnamon stick in pot, bring to boil, then turn off heat and allow mixture to cool.
Prepare the cocktail:
1. Combine cider, cinnamon syrup, Applejack and rum. Stir well
2. Fill two glasses with ice and above mixture. Add apples and stir.

apple cider cocktail


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I am making The Gift FREE from today until Monday night. The price will go up in a week to 99 cents and then to $1.99 until the price reaches $3.99.

On Edna Mae’s 40th birthday she buried her controlling father and lost her virginity in a one night stand with a man she never expected to see again. Please grab a copy tonight – Monday night while it’s free.


For the first time in my life, a man looked at me with desire in his eyes. The delicious memory made me shiver with anticipation. Having a drink from the bar, another first, I answered the man’s smile with a shy one of my own that had come more naturally than I’d expected.

Crinkles around his gray eyes matched his crooked smile. “Waiting for someone?”

I remember fidgeting with my top button, round and smooth against my rough fingertips. Clearing my dry throat, I answered. “No, no one.”

His smile lit his face and I smiled I return. “Mind if I join you?” His deep voice vibrated through me.

When he sat, I nearly panicked. What could I talk about with this handsome stranger? What could we have in common?

The waitress looked so envious, leaning toward him and pursing her red lips, I almost blurted that the man wasn’t with me. But he was – at least for now.

He ordered the special, and so did I. I had no idea what I wanted and could barely think straight with his attention centered on me. He commented on our choice of steak and fresh asparagus – something we had in common, after all.

We talked about everything from movies to his work experiences and college education. I lied about my background, since there were none of those things for the woman who had devoted her life to nursing a bedridden parent until three days ago. If he’d asked me to repeat what I said, I’d have been hard put to do so. I did remember shredding the soggy napkin from under my glass.

Someone began to play the shiny baby grand piano. The stranger and I glanced around the crowded area, commenting on people around us. When had so many people come into the restaurant?

He spoke first. “Didn’t know there was live music tonight.”

“The music is nice.” Too brilliant for words.

He smiled and looked pointedly at my nearly empty plate. Neither of us said anything, but when he held his hand out I took it and stood.

“I don’t dance,” I said, apologizing.

He drew me close. “We can stop when I step on your feet too many times.”

A shiver hit me as I smiled. More than likely I’d step on his feet. I couldn’t push the man away yet, though I probably should have. Dancing with the handsome stranger, I lost myself in the warmth of his strong arms until the bar closed at midnight. Unlike Cinderella, I didn’t run home.

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Little Lies , new release!


This book will make you smile and grab your emotions!

Originally posted on Pink Fuzzy Slippers Authors:

GDB After Dark has just released Little Lies!

It has taken a long time, but it’s here! Little Lies is now available! This one is a hot sensual  romance but not quite erotica. Amazon (1)


Little Lies

“You are certifiable. You realize that, don’t you?”

“Thanks for the vote of support.” Dr. Sara Chandler studied the shade of electric blue polish on her toenails. Her fingers tightened on the card in her hands. She couldn’t let doubts weaken her resolve. This was a one shot deal. If she wavered now, all would be lost. She leaned closer to the window gazing down at the sparkling water of the Roseville Inn’s Olympic sized pool three floors below.

“You’re really going through with this hair-brained scheme?” Dr. Carol Lester took a drag on her ever present cigarette.

Sara moved the cell phone away from her ear and mimed pounding it against the…

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Today’s the day!!!


I edited this book and am proud to see it as a reality! Sooooo proud Georgiana didn’t give up!

Originally posted on gfieldsblog:

After so many trials and errors, today is finally here. Crimson Dreams is now available on

Rose Kelly has been offered the chance of a lifetime by a mysterious stranger to restore his English home. With nothing to lose, Rose accepts Vaughn Madoc’s offer and accompanies him to England. Curiosity gets the best of Rose when she discovers a sealed room and she enters the room. Suddenly, Rose is catapulted back to turn-of-the-century England. Can a modern twenty-first century woman survive the turn of the century without doing or saying anything that would change the future?

Vaughn Madoc is Dhampir, a race of being that originated the legends of Vampires. He’s working with Scotland Yard to track down the serial killer plaguing London, many are comparing to Jack the Ripper. If his life isn’t complicated enough, Vaughn finds a strangely dressed woman standing in his library. Fate has blessed…

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Retirement is too much work


since my retirement I have self published 3 novels and 2 novellas. I contracted 3 novels with publishers, and I edit for a publisher and freelance!

Originally posted on Pink Fuzzy Slippers Authors:

For so many years I thought, if only I didn’t have to work I could____, you fill in the blank. Yep hundreds of things. But somehow the reality isn’t living up to the fantasy. I retired in 2014. The 2014-2015 was the first school year that I wasn’t in a classroom in oh, about twenty five years.

So I hit the ground running with my retirement. So much leisure time to fill. Yeah, right. Do you realize there are only 24 hours in a day and most people expect to spend at least 8 of those sleeping? For years and years I’d been storing away things to do once I retired and had all the time in the world to do stuff.

Being retired is hard work. My list of things to do is still long enough to wall paper the west wing of the White House. So what have…

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Cheerleader Dad and Double Tween Trouble

A sweet contemporary romance reminiscent of the Parent Trap movies. Single parents raising eleven year old daughters must try to resist the ploys their children use to push them together as well as the growing attraction that sparks between them.

Excerpt:A scant two hours after the girls had won the ball game, Lily sat across the booth from Jesse in the Burger Palace. “Can this be the woman who played such a mean game of softball only hours ago?” Jesse asked. “You look too pretty to be that hard-boiled jock. Where did you learn to play ball so well?”

“Brothers, I grew up with two jocks who played all sports. They were serious athletes.” Lily grinned. “They wouldn’t bother with a tag-along little sister, so I had to be good enough to make them want me on their teams when they played.”

Jesse’s body tingled when Lily laughed, as she did when anyone mentioned the afternoon game. He imagined a younger version of the woman across the table. Her blond ponytail would have been longer and tousled and her face smudged with dirt. Her brothers must have adored her.

“You learned well,” Jaycee said before he could.

“Your brothers must’ve spoiled you rotten. Did they wipe the mud from your face, get you out of trouble?” he teased. “Let you win all the time?”

“Not even close,” she answered. “They didn’t let me win. They taught me well.”

Lily blushed when Alex asked Jaycee in a pseudo whisper, “How come your dad didn’t tag Mom out? He could’ve.”

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